I registered for this blog in November 2012 as a way to document my life as it changed… Preferably for the better. My husband and I moved across country, changed jobs, and basically started over. I figured what a great time to change and “fix” all of those character flaws of mine. Fourteen months later, I have changed, but most of those character flaws are still there, I have not succeeded in being a punctual person, I still hate getting out of bed in the morning, and I have not lost sixty pounds. So much for the best of intentions.

With all of that being said, I have found a modicum of success at my job, have lost ten pounds, joined the YMCA, and am in the process of starting a business. I have also begun to enjoy writing. While I still possess many of the same character flaws, I do intend to keep pushing forward. If faith is a journey, then so is change. I’m ready to begin my journey.