Bucket list

Discussing a potential work trip with my husband last night quickly turned into a teary divulgence into my deep seated desires to complete my ridiculously long bucket list, preferably this year, while taking time to stop and smell the roses. This thought is inanity. Trying to complete my bucket list in my lifetime will be difficult, if not impossible. Additionally, I find my daily life to be so hectic that the only roses I will smell are those I have picked and pinned to my clothing so I can smell them on the go. If I happen to be stopped while smelling them it is probably because I am at a red light.

So, after I stopped my pity party, and forgave my husband for having a much cooler job, I decided that my goal is to write up my bucket list and set a goal of one or two items per year, depending on the time involved in each item. This way I get to gain momentum, and I may actually get to smell the roses.