Attempt No. 2

Attempt No. 2

A long time ago, I started this blog to document a changing life. I did not keep blogging. Now, I will attempt to restart this blog. I hope you enjoy it.

Since my last post, there have been several changes in my life.

Change #1:

My husband and I moved in with a friend and his three kids. It was awesome! Sure, it was difficult at times, but an awesome experience of living in intentional community. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Change #2:

We bought property with the intention of building a small straw bale house last June. After numerous conversations with banks trying to figure out the construction loan piece, we were told to make the house bigger. Basically, we were told the bank would not fund a smaller house (under 1,000 square feet) that we could easily afford. They would only fund a larger house (that would be harder for us to afford). We complied and hired a very talented young architect to design the house.

The house that was designed was beautiful and immediately, it was the house of my dreams. It was two bedrooms, two bathrooms and had two internal courtyards. I still want that house.

So we started saving for construction.When our roommate moved to Texas, we moved out of our rental house. My grandmother gave me her 19′ RV. We lived with some very generous friends for awhile. Then, we brought in electricity, paid the impact fee, and moved the trailer onto the property. That was in early December. Since then, we have been living on our property, saving as much money as possible. We have not yet been able to save the necessary cash for water or septic. Fortunately, we were able to buy a water tank that holds our water supply and will later be used for rainwater harvesting. We also have black water tank that is used to dump our RV.

Another purchase (some debt requires) is a large shed. The shed stores our goods, including our couch, television, and portable washing machine.

This was all fine until the beginning of the summer. At the beginning of the summer, our neighbors forced us to face reality. They forced us to leave the comfort of our someday-I-will-live-in-a-real-house-but-for-now-the-trailer-is-fine mental state when they complained to the county about numerous things. The country girl in me wanted to tell them to mind their own business about what I do with my property.  The Christian side of me wanted to remind them they should have tried to work things out with us first. So far, I have managed to ignore them.

However, this issue with the county made us realize that time is running out on our ability to maintain status quo. We had to form Plan B.  Since Plan B is its own discussion in its entirety, I will save that for its own post.

The front door of my house