All good goals come with frustration. That was certainly the case today with our small house project. Our large (in our town’s standard) lot of .83 acres is not large enough to plan for a potential larger house later down the road if we, or the next owner, decide one is needed. This is due to setbacks and other county mandated zoning issues. 

Ultimately we decided that the likelyhood of us ever building a second house was small enough to not worry about it. It also beat the suggestion of putting our house as close to the neighbors as possible, which I’m sure they will appreciate.

We also learned an important lesson: don’t trust the professionals to get things right. You have to double check their work. In looking at the placement of our septic system, we realized that the professionals put the system about twenty feet further west than it should be placed. This essentially places our septic tank in the middle of the main water flow area of our property. Not good. 

Tomorrow, I get to call the county and see what needs to be done to move the septic to a more appropriate place. Hopefully it won’t involve a costly redesign, but if this project has taught me anything, it is that every hurdle just means another check has to be written. Maybe that is a bit too pessimistic… But those are my feelings tonight.

Not the right place to put a septic tank