I restarted this blog with the good intentions of blogging regularly… but life happened as usual and it got pushed to the back burner. In the past few months, the sneak peak drawings were executed, septic and electric trenches dug and refilled, and we are quickly getting close to our goal.

In this process, I have learned a lot. I have learned county guidelines. More importantly, I’ve learned patience. I’ve learned that the person I am the least patient with is my husband, even though he deserves it most. My respect and sympathy for those who don’t have basic things like toilets, high functioning air conditioning, and showers has grown exponentially and I realized that I am fortunate enough to be able to afford movies on hot summer days, a gym membership, and the bathroom “tax” of a candy bar when I need to go. Friendship is helping each other through the difficult times. In our case, that has meant letting us park our RV on your property for months, watching our dogs for extended periods, offering us guest rooms and guest houses. It has meant actual financial support. It has also meant doing lots of laundry for us. I’m thankful to our family… church family and biological family for their help. This journey has taught me the importance of a loving community. This lesson is the one for which I’m most thankful. In life, it really is the little things like indoor plumbing and a washing machine.

End of the first day of framing interior walls upstairs
Septic tank
Distribution box and chambers


Soo. Many. Trenches.
The septic system is installed! I can’t wait to have my yard back!
Try getting to the porta potty at 2:00 A.M.
Our partially constructed staircase (it deserves its’ own post)
My Dad and Uncle came down to frame walls for us
The stairwell before the stairs went up and windows were in
TuffShed was working hard at getting the building up. They rented several large pieces of equipment.
View from the south
View from the east. Note the trim in the foreground.
View from the Northeast.
This is a really tall building (approx. 23 feet)